Bespoke Tailor Made Architecture
We have a responsability with our society and our planet. From our priviledge live we strongly believe in using our resorces, time and effort to contribute for a better society. We invite you to participate in our projects.
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Together with my family and friends we have been working since long in different projects in northern Morocco. Together with the emerite bishop of Malaga Padre Ramon Buxarrais we did a craftsmanship school for youth integration in Nador that is successfully working since 2004. Another project for the integration of women in Cabo de Aguas has been recently finished. We are currently working on a new idea that is searching for sponsors.

We put some of our own resources into this projects. Any help is welcome to allow them to have a chance in live.

Would you like to know more about our project?
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Since the late 90´ we have trying to reduce general electrical consumption in the villas with efficient design of electrical concept and energy saving instruments.

A/C, heating, hot water and general electrical consumption needs in the domestic architecture a good concept and Taylor made response for the consumer.

With the new technologies and use of Led, photovoltaic, altherma, geothermia and other resources even in small homes the total consumption has save up at least 50% of previous concepts.
To passive house standards with the increase of exterior insolation systems and good air flow.
This relation between interior and exteriors allows our general green concept to become complete.
With green homes concepts we are coming close.

We believe in the necessary reduction of electrical dependency and use (according to new electrician law) photovoltaic systems that allows us with a good exterior insolation to nearly “0” consumption.
The selection of materials is also very important.
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